Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another Snow Day

Well, it took a few days but today was another snow day. We woke up to about 5.8 inches of new snow. It was also bad because with this storm we had high winds. I was a little suprised that we called off school but parts of the interstate was closed for parts of the day and the drifting snow was bad. There were state highways all over the eastern part of Washington that have been closed all day. The basketball and volleyball teams were to make a trip to Seattle and they canceled the trip because the pass over the Cascade Mts. has been closed off and on for the past two days. I think that the teams were disappointed but know that it was the right decision. Well, due to the weather, my doctors appointment was cancelled today and rescheduled for Wednesday. The doctor should then order the ultra sound to tell whether the baby is a boy or girl. I think that I have found a crib set that will work for either. It is at and is called BaZoople Friends. It is jungle and has lots of colors, blue, green, yellow and pink. We can accent the colors for either boy or girl. Well, I'd better go but I thought that I would update everyone on what was going on. Have a great day and I will keep you updated on Wednesday. Pray that I can get in to the ultra sound office soon and have clear images. Thanks for stopping by!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

It's A Snow Day!!

It's a snow day. Well, the anticipation for snow days began in the early days of my life. Living in Washington we had snow every winter but of course we did not always have snow days because we have lots of snow plows and 4 wheel drive cars. Then I went to college in a state that does not always get a lot of snow so the anticipation changed to not only a snow day but any snow at all. I quickly learned that if snow was merely in the forecast that we would get a day off. Then I taught in Tennessee and again saw the children as they explored the wonder of a snow day. I learned how to wear my PJ's inside out and many other childhood ways of wishing for a snow day. Well, today is such a fun day (and I did not even have to wear my pajama's inside out) because over the weekend we received over 13 inches of snow. The snow wouldn't have been so bad but about half way through the storm it started to be a rain/snow mix. It did not stop snowing until about 6:30 pm Sunday night. Well, the over night temperature was supposed to be 24 but ended up being about 7. Take heavy wet snow, melt just slightly and then drop the temperature to well below freezing and not only do you get a frozen city but you also get a snow day. We have had a great time running errands and spending the day together. I slept in and am going shopping with my mom. We ate at one of our hometown places called "Sparky's Firehouse Subs." (As we were sitting there we both said this is a Mark Fowler/Scott Pauley place to eat) It was neat. All the decor was things from old firehouses. The tables were covered with newspaper articles from local papers about the local fires and firemen. The food was good and a fun place to eat. The very scary thing is that the forecast says that we could get up to another 15 inches of snow in some places over the next five days. Maybe we will have another snow day. Thanks for checking in. Have a great day!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Wonderful Husband!!

On Thursday, January 17th, my husband Jake Burkholder celebrated his birthday. I just wanted you to see some pictures of the fun that we have had over the last year and a half. I am thankful for the husband that the Lord has given me. He is sweet, kind, loving, encouraging and supportive. I am sure that I have left something out but am again thankful that the Lord has allowed Jake to be a part of my life. I am truly blessed!!
Jake on our trip to Glacier National Park. As you will see he is such a lover of the outdoors and we had so much fun on this trip.
Jake at the gift shop trying on an interesting hat.
I think this is Jake's favorite activity: Hunting
Jake in the snow in Montana at Lookout Pass.
Jake and I in the limo that the guys rented for the Valentine Banquet at Crown College.
My handsome husband.
Jake celebrating the Tennessee football victory over GA.
Jake at the Men and Boys Camp out.
Jake and I at the Cumberland Falls. This was a fun trip too. Jake always has a great place to visit and it is fun to make memories on these trip. I hope you have enjoyed these pictures. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Continuing our Holiday Fun on the 29th of December we all went over to Seattle for the "Battle In Seattle." This is the annual Gonzaga game that they play in Seattle. This year they played Tennessee. We were so excited because of course as explained in an earlier post we have not lost our Tennessee Fever. The trip was great. We rented a van so that we could all ride together and Dad found a really good deal on a hotel in Seattle. The hotel was beautiful and very luxurious. After the game, that Tennessee won, we ate dinner at a Seattle favorite and a family tradition when we go to Seattle. Enjoy the pictures and thanks for stopping by.
Dick's: Our favorite Seattle fast food. Yum Yum!!
Jake and I in front of the Christmas tree in the hotel lobby.
All of us riding in the van on the way home.
One big happy family. We were divided for this one day!! :)
The boys enjoying there McDonald's breakfast. We went downtown early before the game so that we could walk around Downtown Seattle and see the sights. Watching the game at Key Arena was really fun. Of course, I don't think anyone out here as ever heard of Rocky Top so every time Tennessee did something good they did not play it. Well, I just couldn't let that go so every time they did good I sang, "Good ol' Rocky Top, Rocky Top Tennessee." I think by the end of the game the people in front of me were tired of the song. :)
Baby Update: We had an appointment on Thursday and everything looks great. Our next appointment will be on the 31st of January and then the doctor said he would order the ultra sound that we need to know if the baby is a boy or a girl. Just three more weeks. I can't wait. Of course I will let you know what is going on when the time gets closer. Have a great day!!!!

Holiday Fun!!

I am sorry that this is so late but I was waiting on the pictures and I have posted a lot lately with out any pictures and I just hate doing that. Well, we had a great time with my mom and dad and Eric and Christa. We spent most of the day at my parents house watching movies, opening gifts and playing games. I hope you enjoy these pictures!!! The Lampheres and The Burkholders
Eric and Christa
Jake and Amy. I still think that Jake is amazed by all the gifts and fun that happens on Christmas day!!
The boys got matching backpacks. There is a funny story about this one. Mom did not do a very good job of hiding the backpacks. So one day Jake saw them. I thought he only saw one so I told him that it was for Eric. He was really put out because he likes any thing camo. Well, later Eric was at the house and he saw both of them and Mom told him that they were for Dad and Jake. Well, I guess that he was put out too because he likes camo also. Needless to say neither one of them were real surprised that they got backpacks for Christmas.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Mrs. Paisley's Funeral

We attended Mrs. Paisley's funeral and graveside service. It was a great blessing and nice to see the family. God's grace is so evident in their lives. Please continue to pray for the family as these days always seem to be the easiest time and later when things have settled down and it all sets in the emotions will be higher. Baby Travis is doing so well. He will be a year old this month. He seems to be happy and likes to be held and passed around.
I will try to post pictures of Christmas and Holiday fun soon. We had a taste of Good Ol' Rocky Top in Seattle. I will explain soon. I am waiting on my mom to get the disk back from Walmart. School starts Monday and I am a little sad. We are almost settled into our new house and I will try to post pictures of that also. Have a great day and thanks for checking in with Jake and I.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mrs. Paisley: At Home With The Lord

Please pray for the Paisley, Wilson and Rogers families in the home going of their wife and mother, Mrs. Dorothy Paisley. Mrs. Paisley is a dear friend of our family and has been fighting this battle with cancer. As my dad said last night at our prayer meeting, "The cancer lost and Heaven is a sweeter place." The Paisley family has been a great blessing to our family from the first day that we stopped by their church on the way to Spokane to start our own church. As I was sleeping last night I woke up and thought of some things that Mrs. Paisley meant to me. So here it is...

M - Mom of two daughters who were taught to be kind and loving to everyone.
R - Riotous laughter until late into the night
S. - Sweet Spirit

P - Pretty
A - Always ready to help
I - Instantly your friend
S - Saturday Bus Ministry
L - Loving
E - Energetic
Y - Young at heart