Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Best Friends Forever...Hopefully!!!!!!

My friend, Belinda Howes, and I were expecting babies at the same time. Belinda's baby's name is Sophie. She was born just two weeks before Lauren. Sophie's sister, Sarah, and Lauren's sister, Lindsey, are best of friends. They are about seven months apart and have the best of time together in the nursery. On Easter Sunday, Sarah came to church with her new dress on. My mom had also bought Lindsey that same dress. Although Lindsey and Lauren had different Easter dresses. So we ran to get Lauren the matching dress to Sophie's and then planned a photo shoot. The story of the day was that the big girls did great and the little girls had a rough time. When one was happy the other cried. Neither of them could sit up and the big girls got nervous when they tried to do all four of them together. Anyway, we had a great time and made many fun memories. Enjoy the pictures. Sophie and Lauren!!!!!!!
Probably the best of the little girls!!!!!!!!

Sarah, Lindsey, Sophie and Lauren!!!!!!!

Double Trouble!!!!!!!

"We're the best of friends, having so much fun together."

Lauren Ryleigh Burkholder

Lauren Ryleigh Burkholder was born on February 11, 2011. We had a scheduled c-section. We got to the hospital at 6:00am and the surgery was scheduled at 8:00am. This was different from Lindsey's c-section as it was planned and Lindsey's was not. This time I had a spinal and it did not take very well. As I am about to explain this was just the beginning of the drama. Jake waited in the waiting room as the spinal was being done which should have just been 15 minutes and turned into about 30 minutes. After the second spinal everything was ready to begin. They brought Jake in and began the surgery. About half way through Jake began to feel weak and started to pass out. I was holding his hand and could see his face. One of the three doctors broke scrub to help him and the male nurse and the doctor were able to get him safely to the floor and as soon as he hit the floor his woke up. All at the same time the doctor nicked a uterin artery and I was loosing blood. I started to feel pain and was anxious about Jake so they had to give me a sedetive in my IV. Well, all that to say Lauren was born very healthy and had no problems. Her parents not so much. :) The recovery processe went very well and we all went home three days later. Lauren has brought so much joy to our home. She is a very happy baby and has a great smile and has been laughing from the very beginning. I hope that you enjoy her new born pictures.


On February 11, 2011 Lindsey became a big sister to Lauren Ryleigh Burkholder. Lindsey was very excited. Lindsey has been busy helping with a new baby sister, turning Three and learning many new things. Here are a few pictures of Lindsey and Lauren together. Hope you enjoy!!!!