Saturday, March 14, 2009

Go Eagle Eagles!!!!!!!!

Over the President's Day Holiday our school, Faith Baptist Academy went to the annual basketball and volleyball tournament. They did a really good job and had a great time. We enjoyed watching their games and being there to cheer them on. The girls missed the final four teams by one point and the boys played their hearts out in a overtime game only to fall to their biggest rivals, Faith-Tacoma by one point. This was a hard loss for the seniors but we could not have lost to a better team. Faith-Tacoma is a good friend to our church and we congratulate them on a great win. They better just watch out next year!!!! :)Here is Lindsey Lou with on of the Eagles players. They were very sad because they had just lost. Lindsey loved the Eagles and had a great time watching them play.
All tuckered out from a very stressful final game. The game was so close and went back and forth the whole time.
Baby Eagle #1. Mrs. Cook, a lady in our church, made Lindsey some culottes that looked just like the Volleyball teams culottes. Miss Consford, a teacher in our school and talented screen printer, made her onesie for her and Mrs. Farnsworth made Autumn and Lindsey matching bows so they could be little cheer leaders.
Here is one of the games that the boys won that helped them get to the final round. Practice hard this summer Men and Lady Eagles!! We will be ready next year to cheer you on. Well, I will post more later and try to get caught up but need to go to bed. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!!!!