Thursday, November 15, 2007

Baby Update!!!!!

I went to the doctor today to talk about all the blood work that was done on the first visit. The good news is that all the test came back very good. The doctor was pleased with the results. My sugar was a little high so I have to be very careful about the things that I eat. :) We also heard the heart beat today. It was very faint but definitely there. Well, that is all for know. Have a great day and thanks for checking in. Our next appointment will be on Dec 13th. I am sure that I will post between now and then because we have a big wedding on Nov 24th. Stay tuned for all the details. See ya later...
P.S. I forgot the other great thing that happened. I did not gain any weight. I actually lost 2 lbs. I thinks that's o.k. for right now because I have a little to spare. :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Big News!!!!!!!

Well, I must admit that the real reason that I have been so behind on blogging is that I have been very tired. This is all for a good reason. I would like to announce that Jake and I are expecting our first baby. We found out about a month ago and then wanted to wait until we went to the doctor. I have not been to sick but just very tired. Well, I'd better go for now. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by. Now that I am caught up I will try to do better and keep everyone updated about the baby.

Afternoon Roadtrip to Steptoe Butte

On Saturday afternoon we went on a road trip. We headed south to a part of the state that we had not been to very much. Steptoe Butte is a state part with a look out point. On a clear day, you can see several states and other mountain peaks. We had a great time just being together. We ended the day doing some shopping at the mall and eating a wonderful dinner of Chinese food. Have a great day...Thanks for stopping by...Keep looking for the next posts.

Bakers In Training

My mom and I were shopping at the Dollar Store and we found these sets of Baker hats and aprons. They were only a dollar for the set and we could not resist them. We got one for each of my student and on the day that we learned about the baker as a community helper they all got to be bakers. I made them sugar cookies and brought frosting and sprinkles and they got to decorate and eat their own cookie. They had a great time. On to the next post...more exciting posts to come. Thanks for stopping by.

Old Fashioned Sunday at Faith Baptist Church

Two weeks after Round-up Sunday we had Old Fashioned Sunday. It was fun to see every ones definition of "Old Fashioned". I think that we had someone from each era. Well, on to the next post...keep reading.

Finally, An Update

Ok, so I have now entered the "I am a lame blogger" world. I have said that I would not let my blog be older than a month and now my words have come back to haunt me. So I will now attempt to catch you up on the happenings of that last month. Here goes...The Kindergarten Class went to Hidden Acers Farms. We had a great time. Above we can see the kids enjoyed a trip through the corn maze.
They got to pick their own pumpkins and enjoyed running through the pumpkin patch to find just the right one for themselves.
They got to listen to the talking pumpkin tell stories and sing songs. They requested "Jesus Loves Me." What a great testamony to the people there at the farm.
Our class picture in a wagon that was used in the old days.
Our class hay ride.
Learning about the apple trees and how the bees pollinate the trees.
Picking apples. We had a great time and the weather was great. I hope you have enjoyed the update. Off to the next...Thanks for stopping by.