Thursday, June 19, 2008

Announcing The Long Awaited Arrival of Lindsey Renee Burkholder!!

Well, let me just start at the beginning of the end. We packed our bags and headed for the hospital on Sunday Evening June 15th. We arrived at the hospital and were checked into our beautiful room right away without any problems and were greeted with a sweet smile. Our first nurse, Gayle, asked lots of questions, got us settled and started what we will call a slow Mizo induction. After only three doses of the Meds, my water broke all on its own. This was very encouraging and we were very excited as we thought that Lindsey might be born that day. Well, Lindsey and the Lord had different plans. We labored into the night, had some IV drugs for the pain and then about 1:30 am Tuesday morning I had the Epidural. I slept very well that night letting the Meds do their work all while I was sleeping. We woke Tuesday morning to news of good progress I was dilated to 7 and was about 75% effaced. The doctor came in and said we should be able to meet Lindsey about noon on Tuesday. Things then began to slow down. I did not dilate to 10 until 4:00 pm and then began pushing. I pushed until about 7:30 pm and Lindsey would not come down. I was worn out and the Doctor even tried to use the vacuum and she still was not budging. The doctor decided at about 7:30 pm to go ahead with a C-Section. I was so over whelmed and is shock that it did not really hit me until we were in the Operating Room. We found out that the epidural had come out and that probably the last 30 minutes were really pushing without Meds. The doctor started the surgery at 8:00 pm and Lindsey Renee Burkholder was born at 8:11 pm. There was not emergency as Lindsey had looked great on the monitor the whole time. She just did not want to come down. Although there are many opinions, I am thankful to the Lord for a doctor who gave it his best shot but was able to make a wise decision even though it was not what we had planned. Lindsey is doing great. She is strong and healthy and is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. I am healing well and am trying to take it easy. I am posting from the hospital room and we are scheduled to go home tomorrow. Please pray for us as we go home and continue to recover, grow and learn about this Mom thing. Enjoy the following pictures and thanks for checking in with us and for praying for our family. We love each and every one of you and wish you could all be here to meet Lindsey in person. Have a great day!!!! Nana and Lindsey!!
Lindsey holding Daddy's hand just after she was born.
Lindsey being weighed. She weighed 8lbs 4oz and is 19.5 inches long.
Daddy taking care of his little girl. He has done a great job. I am thankful for a husband who cares so much and who is so sweet.
She came out wide eyed and arms flying. She was ready to meet the world.
Pretty Little Princess, Lindsey Renee Burkholder
Can you see her big brown eyes. She got them from her daddy!!
This is Lindsey wearing a headband bow that my friend Angie Sample gave her. It was so cute. It was to big for her and so all that you could see was the bow. She has lots of hair under there.
The happy family.

Lindsey's Room

Here are the pictures of Lindsey's room. Thanks belongs to Jake and my Mom for all the help in hanging pictures, curtains, painting and decorating letters, washing and organizing clothes and the many other things that needed to be done for Lindsey's room to be complete. These are Lindsey's outfits (these are only the ones that hang up. You should see her dresser.)that are size 0-6 months.
These are all the other outfits sizes 6 months to 2T. They are already divided into bins by size and I am going to try to be very organized.
These are the letters that we made to put Lindsey's name on the wall. We got the letters at the Wal Mart. I painted each letter the base green and my Mom decorated them with flowers of puff paint. See that picture below for a look at the details.

Lindsey's crib and bed set. I just love her ladybug mirror. It plays music and lights up.
Lindsey's mobile. It is flowers and plays music.
This is Lindsey's dresser. The sign at the top says "Daddy's Little Princess". The white picture frame is from my dear friend Mrs. Gordon. It has the date at the top made of blocks and you can change it every day. The box is from my friend Belinda and is "Memory Box". Thank you Aunt Belinda for the special notebooks and the memory box.

The personal hygiene area. All the things we need to keep Lindsey smelling sweet and clean are here in a organized place. The cork board on the wall was made by my Mom. This will help me keep track of Lindsey's diaper changes and feedings.
All of Lindsey's girly foofoo stuff.
This is Lindsey's "Build A Bear". She was made by Lindsey's Aunts: Belinda, Jackie and Cyndi. Her name is Cloe and she and Lindsey have matching sleepers from Wal Mart.
Lindsey's feeding station and book shelf. Lindsey does not have very many books just yet but Nana said she is going to help her collect books so that she will be a good reader and love reading. Lindsey doesn't have a chance with her mom being a teacher.
We found this cute sign and just had to have it because this was the first song that Lindsey's daddy ever sang to her while she was still inside her mommy. Well, I hope that you have enjoyed the virtual tour of Lindsey's Room. Thanks for stopping by. If you don't see hospital pictures when you check the blog they should be here soon. I have to stop for now and help Baby Lindsey with a few things and then I will be back to blog pictures of Lindsey's birth and hospital stay.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Info on Lindsey's Shoes

I just wanted to clarify some things about Lindsey's shoes. The sizes of the shoes are any where from Newborn to size 3. I have only personally paid for about 3-4 pairs. My Mom bought a few pairs and the rest have been gifts or hand-me-downs. We are thankful for how the Lord has provided for each of Lindsey's need and the little extras. :) Hopefully this is helpful to all of you. Thanks for stopping by. We only have one or two more things to do in the nursery and then I will take and post pictures. Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

FBA Kindergarten Graduation 2008

Well, we have finished another year of Kindergarten here at Faith Baptist Academy. After a very nerve racking morning on Friday, we had our graduation ceremony at 6:00 pm. That morning one of the students had come down with a fever and was not going to be able to be their for the program. So we changed parts and went on to practice. The first run through was not to great. As you know when you change things on these little ones it can cause them to become very nervous. We took a break and let the high school practice for their graduation and then came back and ran through it one more time. This practice was a little better but I was still very nervous. Well, we got to the program that night and they did a great job as they always do. They surprise me every year. Here are a few pictures of the night. We are still waiting on Lindsey. It should be any day. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Lindsey's Shoes

Well, I just wanted to let you see all of Lindsey's shoes that she has collected so far. Jake counted them and there are officially 24 pairs. My mom told my Auntie Anne she could not believe it. So we laid them out in the crib and took a picture. I hope you all have enjoyed this little tidbit. Keep checking for pictures of the nursery. Hopefully it will be done tomorrow and then I can take pictures. Have a great day!!!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Joyful Praise Piano Recital

This was the first year that I had a piano recital. I ended the year with four students and they all did a great job. Our recital was on May 30, 2008. We are all looking forward to a summer off and then starting again in the fall when school starts. I will not be teaching a class at school so I am excited to put more energy into this endevor. This is my good friend's daughter Shelby. She played "Down In The Coal Mine" and "Bells are Ringing" a piece that was adapted from Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. Well, there is much room to grow and improve and I am excited about next year. Thanks for stopping by and for checking in. I have a post about Lindsey's shoes but have run out of time for tonight. So stay tuned and her nursery is almost picture worthy. Have a great night!!!!!

Baby Update!!!!

Well, I just thought that I would let you know how things are progressing with Lindsey. We went to the doctor today and he said things are starting to progress slowly and that it is looking good for our due date between the 14th and the 17th. I have had some sharp pain and cramping and pressure. All of which are good starting signs. He wants me to walk and move around more to help motivate things. Beside all of that, things are just fine. My weight, blood pressure, and swelling are all good and no signs of toxemia. Tomorrow is the last day of school and is a half day. Then we just have graduation tomorrow evening. I am so excited to make it through the whole year. It is said that I will not teach for a while but I am soooooo excited to be home and take care of my family. Well, that is all for now. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!!!!

Faith Baptist Academy Sports Banquet - "Kings and Queens of the Court"

This year's sports banquet was held on May 16, 2008. The theme was "Kings and Queens of the Court." The kids on the Volleyball, Basketball and Soccer teams really enjoy this night as they are honored for their achievements in the area of athletics. This year our JV Volleyball team won the JV tournament and brought home our first ever JV Championship. They were very excited. Our Varsity Boy Basketball team made it to the Championship game against the North Valley Bulldogs but fell in a very hard game. We were so proud of them as this is a team from a school that is much bigger than ours and had a style and game that we had not played very much. Although they were disappointed, as we were the reigning champions from last year, they all knew that they had played a well fought game and had done their very best. The soccer team had a great year as well as the Varsity Volleyball team. We are anticipating great things to come in the next year.
This first picture was the back drop for the pictures the kids took of each other and their teams. They had so much fun with the props and decorations. The awards table...
Here is Dad giving a word of challenge to the players and reminding them that Faith Baptist Academy is more than just sports and that if we loose our focus from being on the Lord that the sports would be the first thing to go. This was serious coming from the Eagles number one fan. He loves these kids and it is evident in his support of their endeavors. I am thankful for a dad who has put his heart into this ministry and a pastor who loves the people that God has given him.
The next three pictures are banners that Mrs. Jones, a lady in our church, made for each of the Championships or special awards that each team has achieved. This is something special has it had been over 20 years before our school was even a team to be thought of as a contender. We used to joke when I was in high school that they just invited us to the tournament so that they would have at least one team they knew they could beat. Well, things have changed and it is so much fun. May we never forget where we came from.

For some reason the picture of the table center pieces did not get downloaded, but we took a few volleyballs, basketballs, and soccer balls and placed them in a little stand and then put a crown on them. It doesn't sound a cute as it was but I hope that you get the picture. Thanks for stopping by and checking in with us. Have a great day!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lindsey's Baby Shower

Tuesday, May 27th was the church baby shower for Baby Lindsey. We had such a great time and Lindsey received so many nice things from the ladies of the church. The theme was pink and brown polka dots. It was so cute. We played a fun game and enjoyed good food. I don't think that Lindsey will need any clothes until she is two. She had so many cute things to wear and I am not sure that she will be able to wear them all. She did get a lot of things that were bigger sizes so that was good. I hope you enjoy the pictures. As far as an update, our doctor's appointment last week was canceled and the next one is on Thursday, June 5th. I have had some cramping and pain but nothing consistent. So we wait and see what the the doctor says and what the Lord has planned. There are only five days of school left and Kindergarten Graduation in this Friday, June 6th. I have prayed all along that I would make it through the whole school year so next weekend would be a great time to have a baby.
The gift table. The Lord has been so good to us and the people of our church are such a blessing.
The food was so good. Cindy DeJulia always does a great job.
We played a great game where we had to blow up the balloon and then diaper it with a cloth diaper. The only problem was that us partners had two hands tied together.
The devotion was really good. Four ladies each took a different stage of childhood and gave advice for each stage. We all had a great time.

Mother Daughter Banquet

This year's Mother Daughter Banquet was a Hawaiian theme. The food was great and the fellowship was wonderful. Mrs. Haveman was our guest speaker. Mrs. Haveman's husband has been a pastor in Post Falls, ID for the past seven years. They have been a blessing and attended many functions of our church. The Lord really used her to be a blessing to the ladies of our church.