Friday, August 22, 2008

"...As Thy Days So Shall Thy Strength Be."

Today was a hard day for the heart of a first time mom. Today was Lindsey's two month check-up and also the day for her first shots. I added this picture because it was one of her only smiles today and she looks so sweet. She did really great with the doctor and she weighs 11lbs 11 oz and is 23 1/4 inches tall. The doctor answered lots of my silly questions and said she is doing really good. Then the nurse came back into the room and gave her the shots. The nurse did a great job and it went really fast. Lindsey did a great job. The first shot received a look that said, "what was that?" The second shot got the ugly face and the third shot got the most pitiful scream. This is when I lost it. I had never heard her cry like that and it broke my heart. Jake picked Lindsey up quickly and hugged her. She did not even cry for very long. I think I cried longer than she did. I had given her some Tylenol and only had to give her one more dose. I am so thankful that Jake was able to go with us. Our appointment was supposed to be at 9:00 am and I was thinking that I was going to have to go by myself. My mom and dad are out of town, but I had many friends who offered to go with me. Thankfully the Dr.'s office was able to change our appointment to 1:40 pm and Jake could go. Later we went to the baseball game with the youth group, which I will post about later. She did a great job and enjoyed everything except the loud noises. Jake just preached on Wednesday night on Deuteronomy 33:25 " thy days, so shall thy strength be." It was comforting to know that the Lord was with us all day and that I could trust Him with a situation that I had never faced before. As I am blogging, Lindsey is sleeping peacefully in her bed and I know that the Lord has been so good to me. I am thankful for my family and friends. I know that I have rambled on a bit today but am thankful for all those who stop by to check in with us. I hope you all have a great day and remember no matter what you face, God has promised us that " thy days, so shall thy strength be."

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Aden Lee Burkholder

Jake's brother, Sam and his wife Amanda, had their second baby yesterday. Here's a sweet picture of the sweet boy. Congratulations, we can't wait to meet you.

Is it a boy or a girl?????

My sister is expecting her first baby on January 9, 2009. If you want to know what she is having check out her blog at

Lindsey's New Toy!!!

Lindsey got a new play mat. She is having a great time. I think she is still a little young for it but she seems to have enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by have a great day!!

Lindsey's Ready For Hawaii!!!

My Aunt Teri sent Lindsey this outfit. The skirt is so cute and is just now fitting her well. The first time that we tried it on her you could hold Lindsey up and the skirt would fall off. Hope you enjoy these pictures.
Here she is with her sunglasses on again.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lindsey's Trip to Seattle!!

My mom and I recently took Lindsey to Seattle to meet her extended relatives. We had a great trip and were glad to see those that were able to come. Lindsey and her Oldamor and Oldamor's dog, Amber
Great Aunt Leanne got to feed Lindsey.
Cousin Julie was so excited to meet and hold Lindsey.
Great Aunt Lisa finally got to hold and spend some time with Lindsey.
My cousin Heather came with her children so all the great grandchildren were there and had the picture made with Oldamor. From Left to right: Ellie, Rachel, Oldamor, Lindsey, and James.

We also saw my Mom's side of the family. This is Auntie Pam and Lindsey.
Auntie Pam and Lindsey with Scout looking on. Scout just loves babies and we had to keep him from jumping on Lindsey.
The Rehder girls. Mom, Amy, Cousin Holly, Auntie Pam and Lindsey.
Auntie Pam gave Lindsey a basket full of goodies. This froggie outfit was one of the many things in the basket. It is so cute and my mom could not resist taking her picture. It was a great trip. We went shopping and found a froggie blanket and bib to go with this outfit. We also learned that a 4 hour trip took about 7 with a baby. =( Thanks for stopping by and have a great day

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Lindsey's First Trip to Tennessee!!

Lindsey's first trip was to Knoxville, TN for the 2008 National Youth Congress at the Temple Baptist Church. We took four teenagers from our church and not only enjoyed the services but also the scenery of the great Smokey Mountains. We also saw so many good friends and family. It was hard to see everyone and are sorry if we missed anyone. Lindsey's first plane ride. She did a great job and did not seem to have any ear pain at all. One of the stewardess said that the babies seem to great and the parents are more concerned and worried. I just tried to keep her comfortable and let her tell me what she needed.
Our first family picture at one of the churches on the Cades Cove loop.

Everyone at the entrance to the National Park. The kids seemed to enjoy the sights and the picnic lunch of PB and J sandwiches and chips.
The whole group at the Cades Cove visitors center.
Friis and Lindsey at the Visitor's Center
This is an old mill that we saw at Cades Cove.
This is when we arrived back to the church after we returned. We were all very tired but had a great time.

Our Little Sleeping Beauty!!

Lindsey smiling in her sleep. She had been smiling and talking a lot more in the last two weeks. She is growing so much and we are starting to see her little personality.
Sleeping so peacefully.
Stretch some more!!!!
Lindsey loves to sleep with her hands above her head. She is so sweet!!!

Kindergarteners Visit Miss Lindsey

Last year my kindergarten class was so excited to meet Baby Lindsey. A few of them were able to stop by the hospital and our house to visit Miss Lindsey. Lindsey and Brylea G.
Megan stopped by to bring Lindsey's mom and dad dinner. It was very good.
Josiah was helping his mom clean the church one day as we walked through. He was very excited to hold the baby. Thank you to all those who stopped by and encouraged us right after Lindsey was born.

The Red Convertable!!!

My Aunt Lisa and Aunt Leanne wanted to give my MorMor a "girl's day out". They looked all over Seattle and could not find one that was available. My dad helped out and found one in Spokane and then my mom and dad came by to see Lindsey before they left. We took a few pictures with NaNa and PaPa in the convertable.

Coming Home From the Hospital!!!!

We went home from the hospital on Friday, June 20, 2008. Here are a few pictures from that day. Lindsey and Daddy waiting to be discharged from the hospital.
Lindsey lounging in the swing.
My friend, Cindy DeJulia, decorated our door. There were balloons, a sign and a little ballerina onesie. Thank you so much for welcoming us home.

Lindsey's Oldemor come from Seattle to visit us in the hospital and stayed a few days after we got home. It was great to have her here and to hear the stories of all her babies being born and growing up.

General Pictures of Lindsey Renee

Here a few general pictures of the princess herself. Lindsey will be 8 weeks old on Tuesday. I can not believe how much she has grown in just 2 months. This little piggy went to the market. These little feet are so sweet.
She crosses her legs like a little lady!!
Lindsey and PaPa chillin' out at the church.
Big yawn!!!!
Lindsey is Stylin' and Profilin' in her princess sunglasses. I hope you have enjoyed these pictures. Thanks for stopping by and checking in with our family.