Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Recap of the Last Few Months

September was a busy month with school starting and things really getting under way. I am not teaching in school but piano lessons start and the month ends with the church Anniversary service.
October was a fun month. Our church hosts a Harvest Party in place of Halloween. This years theme was a Farm Theme. Lindsey dressed as a Lady Bug. Nana also threw a Harvest Party up at the camp were Landon lives. Landon dressed as a Scarecrow. This is a picture is one that we took with Landon and Lindsey in their costumes. November was also an exciting month. Grandma and Grandpa Burkholder came to visit. We took them all around the town. We went to a local museum called the Campbell House. This museum tells a lot of the local history of Spokane and in Inland Northwest. We then went to Post Falls, ID just over the boarder to the only Cabela's that we have. We ate lunch in the cafe and enjoyed Bison Burgers. We then spent some time looking at all the animals and shooting the laser guns. Lindsey did really well getting to know Grandma and Grandpa. They read books and had a great time playing.
We enjoyed the Thanksgiving Holiday at my parents house. Eric and Christa (my sister) and Landon came down from Montana. We had a great time. No early morning shopping for me. I slept in.

December was a very busy month. We were gearing up for our Church's Christmas Musical Presentation. I played the piano for the children's choir. This was a big deal for me as we used a Majesty Music Program and I played the song accompaniment. I usually get really nervous and have a hard time. We had practice a lot and then I just prayed and the Lord really helped my. The other thing that made this a busy time was that Jake played one of the main rolls as the Grandpa/Cow. He did a great job and a great time was had by all. If you are interested in watching the archives at www.fbcspokane.com. The date was December 20, 2009. Happy watching.

I also had the opportunity to travel with Jr. High and High School class of Faith Baptist Academy to the Fine Arts Competition. We had worked very hard and entered in many events. From academics, music and sports. All the students did well and placed in many events. We did so well that we placed first as a school in every category and took first place as a school in the over all competition. We had so much fun and the bus ride was not that bad. :)

We went to my parents house for Christmas Eve and again Eric, Christa and Landon came for the weekend. On Christmas Eve we played games, eat snacks, and then went out to look for Christmas Lights. We also watched a fun Christmas Movie. We stayed the night at my parents house Christmas Eve and woke up Christmas Morning for lots of fun. We had a great breakfast casserole made in the crock-pot. We enjoyed our yearly reading of the Christmas Story and then watched Lindsey and Landon open their presents. Lindsey was so excited and Landon was over whelmed. Some of Lindsey's favorites were the book, "If you give a cat a cupcake" and the stuffed kikky (keykey=kitten) that came with it. She also enjoyed the baby doll and stroller that we gave her. She pushed the stroller all around the house. Baby in the stroller, Cat under her arm. She was so cute and precious. After all the excitement Lindsey and Landon were ready for a nap. We laid them down and then the adults were able to open their presents in peace.

So far we are having a great January. We have already traveled to Tacoma, Wa for the Preacher's Delight Meeting. This was a great time of preaching and refreshment. We took a great group of teenagers to the meeting. We were able to hear great preachers such as David Gibbs and Eric Capaci. We are now back into piano full time and sports games for the school and are looking forward to the Feb tournament. Hopefully I will be able to keep up better with the blog. Have a great week and thank you for stopping by.