Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cousin Pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Playing Bubbles with Landon

Monday night while Mom and Dad were at Bible Institute Class, Lindsey got to go to Nana and Papa's house to play with Landon. He was staying with Nana and Papa for a few days while his Mom and Dad were at a preaching conference. They had so much fun playing with the bubbles.

Chucky Cheese with Nana and Papa

One Tuesday night, Papa called and asked, "What are you doing?" We said that we were about to fix dinner and then had shopping to do. Papa said, "How about meeting Nana, Landon and Papa at Chucky Cheese for pizza and games. Of course, we said, "Yes"!!!!!!!!! Lindsey and Landon "driving" the fire truck. They were having a great time.
The fire truck was Landon's favorite. He cried every time we tried to get him to try a new ride.

Lindsey riding the carousel!!!!!!!!!

Lindsey driving Chucky Cheese around. The pizza was great and fun fellowship with Nana and Papa. Thank you Papa for taking us to Chucky Cheese!!!!!!!!!!!

Easter Sillyness 2010

This is Easter Sunday Morning. Lindsey was being cute and silly. Hope you enjoy!!!!!!

Easter and Meeting Schrock Cousins

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday. It was the end of our World Mission Conference. One of the Missionary Families that we had at our conference this year was Jake's cousin, Omar Schrock. It was fun to meet Omar and his wife Tracy and their son Jonathan. Here are a few pictures of Lindsey and Jonathan on Easter Sunday!!!!!!

Visiting Crown College

Lindsey and I were able to travel with my Mom and Dad to Knoxville, TN and visit Crown College and the Temple Baptist Church for the International Baptist Friends Conference. We all had a great time. We were able to see many friends and hear a few good messages from God's Word. Lindsey got very sick towards the end of the week so we were at the hotel most of the time but we did manage to get these pictures of Lindsey at the beginning of the week.