Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas

Just a note to say Merry Christmas. Also, I wanted to give you a baby update. We had a ultra-sound on Monday to see how far along we really are. The tech said that we are right about 15 weeks and that every thing looks great. The baby was moving around so much and she said she had to "chase" the baby to get a good measure of the legs. Well, I hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas with family and friends. Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Faith Baptist Church Christmas Banquet!!

Last night was the church Christmas banquet. We had a great time. Instead of having one guest speaker. The church took up an offering on last Sunday so that we were able to invite three pastors from the area and give them a special gift of encouragement for Christmas. We invited the Klines from Castlegar, BC, Canada, the Walls from Colfax, WA and the Perkins from Republic, WA. They all gave a brief testimony and were a blessing in return with their words. We played a version of the gift exchange game and then had an opportunity to exchange our dollar store gifts for the chance to do something silly or a better gift. Our table opened some very nice pens but decided to exchange our gift to do something silly. We got one of the good gifts, we all received $5 bills but we really wanted to do something silly. At the end, dad let tables chose the silly things to do so we were able to act out a Christmas song. Over all the night was great and we all had a great time.

After the Banquet we took the teen ice skating for their Christmas party. The first half was group skating and then the second half was broom hockey. This is a dangerous sport and I prefer to watch instead of playing. The best part of the whole night is when Pastor Boyle gets on the ice in his dress shoes and suit to play broom hockey. He has such a great time with the young people.

Well, I'd better go. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

North Idaho Baptist Church Ladies Meeting

I am posting again without any pictures and for that I am sorry. Lately, I have been bad about taking pictures. On December 8th, Jake and I went to Sandpoint, ID so that I could be the guest speaker. The theme was a Candy Cane Christmas. The devotion was about a "Sweet Christmas", there was a candy bar to represent each character of the Christmas Story. Many of the Ladies from the North Idaho Baptist Church were there and also my friend, Belinda Howes and her family. My sister Christa, the pastor's wife of the Clark Fork Baptist Church, brought a lady and enjoyed the fellowship. We all had a great time and it was fun to see a young church encouraged. A little side note, Jake said he was so proud to be the preacher's husband that night!! :) Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day.

Things just keep changing!!!!

As a person who does not like change, the Lord has been testing our lives in huge ways. Well, let's start with the baby update. We had a doctor's appointment on Thursday. He said that everything still looks great and that I am measuring big for the due date that I have. So we have a ultrasound scheduled for Monday, December 24th. This should be good because we can tell if I am further along then we think or if there are twins and we can get the first pictures.
Now on to the next biggest thing going on in our lives. It starts with the announcement that our youth pastor, Bro. Bill Miller, has been called by his home church to be the pastor. About a year ago, his pastor, Pastor Ager, suffered a heart attack and went home to be with the Lord. The church has hinted around but the official call did not come until a few weeks ago. Bro. Miller had said that he was not going, that he loved where he worked and after all they just bought a house here in Spokane. It has been amazing to see how that Lord is working all the details out. It is a testimony to the fact that as you follow that will of God, He will provide everything that you need. God has even provided someone to buy their house. Well, you might ask, what does this have to do with Jake and Amy. Well, we are announcing that we are officially taking over the youth ministry of the Faith Baptist Church. For right now, it will be semi-part time and Jake will still work part time at the job he currently has. We are very excited about this new opportunity and how the Lord with use us to influence these kids. We have a great group of kids.
Also along with this we are moving into a house that the church owns. We have to move this week and have a lot to do. Well, I better go and pack some boxes. Thanks for checking in with us and keep checking as I will try to post pictures of the new house. We love you all!! Have a great day.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christa's Wedding

Well, what can I say the weekend was beautiful and everything went well. Here are a few pictures that my mom took. If you would like to see the professional pictures, you can go to the photographers web site, Our friend, Angie Samples, did a great job. Christa and Eric are doing great. They are living in Montana and Eric is pastoring the Clark Fork Baptist Church in Clark Fork, ID. Eric and Christa during one of the songs.
The Bridesmaids: Amanda - Friend, Candy - Friend, Amy - Sister, Cyndi - Best Friend since 3rd grade.
Eric and Christa saying their vows.
Eric and Christa cutting the cake. We had a great weekend and are rejoicing in God's leading in Eric and Christa's lives. Thank you for stopping by and please check back soon.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Thanksgiving Holiday

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I know that I am a little late on this post but better late then never. We spent the Thanksgiving holiday at the Lota-wata Bible camp. Because of the festivities of the wedding we went to the camp to send the holiday with the Lamphere family. We had a great time of relaxing and playing games. The picture in this post is of the wild turkeys that are all around the camp. I was very tired and did not get to take many pictures of the people. We had a great time and really enjoy making new friends. More to come about the wedding. Check back and see.

Thanksgiving Party

This year in Kindergarten we had a little party. We made my favorite Thanksgiving craft, Pine cone Turkeys and had a few snacks. We just had a half a day and then it was off to Thanksgiving break. The kids enjoyed the activities and we had a great day.

The Great Hunter

Jake finally was able to fulfill a want that he has had for a long time. He is a great fan of hunting and loves every minute of being in the great out doors. He did not get to shot anything this year but did have one look at a big buck but was not able to tell if it was a buck or a doe until it was to late. Hopefully next year he will be able to shoot a dear, elk or moose.

Time With Old Friends

A few weeks ago I was able to meet up with an old friend of mine. I knew Audrey in California and were great friends. She even came to visit me in Tennessee. Well, she has gotten married, had a baby and moved here to Washington State. Her husband is the Youth Pastor at their church in Prosser, Washington. We had a great time at Outback Steak House for a girls night out.