Friday, August 31, 2007

Men and Boy's Campout, August 2007

This year Jake got to go on the Men and Boy's Campout trip that our church has. It was so sad, because last year he did not get to go because we were just moving here and had been on our honeymoon and it was time to go back to work. Needless to say, Jake was very excited to go on the trip. He packed all his things and headed out on Thursday night after work. Here are the rest of the details in his words...The first three pictures are of the drive in to the camping area. We were in the mountains of North Idaho.

Unfortunately, we did not see any of the bears that live in this habitat.
We went on a hike above Moose Lake. This is the lake that you will see in the next pictures. The scenery was breath taking but again we didn't see any big animals.
This is my tent. I borrowed it from my father-in-law. The next three pictures are of Moose Lake. Our hike leader has seen seven moose at one time here at the lake. You will notice in all the pictures that the moose were hiding that day. Someday, I will see a moose in the Great Northwest.

We enjoyed God's creation and a special time of fellowship and relaxation. I was reminded of the verse in Psalm 19:1..."The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handywork." Until next year, thanks for checking in with us.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just an Update!!!

I can't believe that it has been so long since I posted last. Things have been busy around here and they are only going to get busier. Teacher in-service started this week and I can't believe we are already done with summer and ready to go back to school. I know all my friends in Tennessee have already started school but we are about two weeks behind y'all. I have a new classroom this year so I have spent the last two days moving furniture and supplies. I did not take any "before" pictures because they were too scary. I will post some "after" pictures so you can see my classroom in is completed state ready for Parent Orientation.
Jake was able to go on the Men and Boy's Camp out this year and had a great time. We are going to post about that also but I have been instructed that he would like to pick the pictures to go on the blog so I will wait for his input. :)
Later at the end of the week we have a wedding to go to of our good friends, Justin and LeNea. The wedding is about three hours away and we also have Bus Meeting for Jake and Parent Orientation for me on that day!! Did I say I missed the summer time? It seems so far away already. :) Well, that should catch you up on what has been going on and a few posts to look forward to. Hopefully it won't be so long till the next time I post. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Inland Northwest Youth Congress 2007

Every year our church hosts the Inland Northwest Youth Conference. Over the years it has been a joy to see young people saved and making decisions to live for the Lord. This year's theme was "First Things First". Our speakers were Dr. Greg Boyle and Evangelist Bill Marshall. Both men did a great job. The Lord used these men to speak mostly on the subject of purity.
We began the conference Wednesday night and it ran through Friday Night. On Thursday after the morning service, the young people took the afternoon to play paintball and had a great time. On Friday morning they loaded up in the vans and on the bus and went 2 1/2 hours away to the Lota-Wata Bible Camp. This camp is a gift from the Lord. You will find the link on the side of my blog and you may visit the blog that is set up for the camp. The short of the story is that God has used a man named Bill Jensen to give our church almost 60 acres of land to use for a Independent Baptist Camp. We are over whelmed with what the Lord is doing. Please visit the sight and learn more about it. The youth conference was our first "official" event on the property and the kids had so much fun. This year's youth conference was probably the last so that the focus will change to weeks of summer camp. The story of how God is working is so great and it is hard to tell it in the little space that I have. The next few pictures are of the activities at the camp.
The young people were able to use the kayaks, row boats, paddle boats and rafts. They were also able to swim in the Clark Fork River as the property has access to the river.
There were activities such as volleyball, horseshoes and lawn darts.
We had a group competition of raft races across the 10 acre lake that is on the property. There were group on either side of the lake. One team had to cross the lake, take off their life jackets, and give them to the other team members. The other group then had to jump in the boat and row back across to the third group from their team. The young people had such a great time. We had one race where the Canadian Team challenged the American Team to a race. (We had a few churches come from just over the boarder.) The punishment was that the losing team had to sing the winning teams national anthem. To our dismay, the American Team lost.

Bro. Marshall preaching for the first time at Lota-Wata Bible Camp.

Oops!! The American Team singing the Canadian National Anthem.
Young people making decisions for the Lord. Please pray for the Lord's direction in this new endeavor. We are so excited but their are many things still to be done. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!!!!!!!

A Fun New Guestbook!!

A friend of mine has this on her blog and I thought it would be fun to see all the places that people view this blog from. Please sign the guestbook and add a picture and we will all have fun seeing all the different places people are from. I can't believe that this is my first post for the month of August. We have been busy with Youth Conference and other things. I should have pictures to post of the youth conference soon. Teacher in-service is also starting in about two weeks and then it will be back to the busy schedule again. Check back for more information and pictures. Have a great day!!!