Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Break Weekend!!!

Last weekend we went over to Seattle to get our rings checked and to see our family!!! We arrived at the Alderwood Mall in Seattle, WA and were met there by Oldamor and Aunt Leanne!!! (This is my grandmother and aunt on my Dad's side. There we helped Oldamor purchase an iPad, got our rings checked and made a quick run through the American Girl store. We then headed over to Uncle Tim's house where we able to see the baby lambs that were just about a week old!! The girls loved the lambs and time spent with their family!! We then headed to Oldamor's house to play games and relax!!! Well, we did play games but about 7:30pm ALL of our phones started ringing and a house the church owns as a rental property was on fire and burned to a total lose!! Well, we were in Seattle and there was nothing we could do!!! Things were under control with the help of amazing deacons and a wonderful church family!!!

The next morning we met GAP and Gus, cousin Holly, Uncle Tom and Uncle Bob for breakfast and had a great visit with them!! We made summer plans for an east side visit and opened "surprises" from GAP. (Great Aunt Pam)

Over all we had a great time and the house fire will be a different post!!!:). Even in the fire God is good!!! More later!!! Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!!!

(Pic: GAP and Lindsey and Lauren)

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